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Wal-Mart makes big promises to small towns, but does it live up to them?

Leaders in small towns often find themselves mesmerized by the thought of great piles of tax money pouring into their coffers from a retailer like Wal-Mart. And why shouldn’t they? Wal-Mart is the largest company of its kind in the world, right?

But in a rush to grab for the cash, it’s all too easy to forget the broken promises now faced by other towns that fell for the same sales pitch without thinking beyond the short term. Truth be told, Wal-Mart doesn’t care about small towns. It cares for one thing: it’s own bottom line.

Concerned people in Brown County, OH, and the local Mount Orab area aren’t convinced that Wal-Mart is the best solution for our community. Many of us feel that Wal-Mart is actually a poor choice to bolster our community’s future, robbing us of our uniqueness in a quest for a lowest common denominator way of living that sacrifices the best for the merely adequate.

This site exists to provide the other side of the Wal-Mart story, the one people are unlikely to hear from gung-ho leaders and those dying to get their hands on more cheap stuff from China, no matter the ultimate price we Americans pay in the long run.

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Thank you for reading. Together we can forge a better future, one not dependent on Wal-Mart and its broken promises.