The plan was for the store to open in 2011. There’s been no development, though. The trees that were supposed to be cleared in 2008 still stand on the lot.

The Kroger Marketplace has opened. It’s a nice store. Glad to have it nearby.

I hope WalMart and all the negatives that come with it stays out of town.

One thought on “Dead?

  1. Wal-Mart is like a zombie. You thought it was dead but it comes back to eat your brains.

    In Hayden, Idaho, some folks thought they could keep it away (the area already has too many super markets and a Wal-Mart next door in Post Falls), with lots of complaints to city hall and bumper stickers saying “NO to WalMart”. But it didn’t take long but like a relentless zombie it came back, cleared the land of every green living thing, and put up another big box selling us more cheap crap made in China.

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