You’ve Got to Wonder About the Smarts…

Wal-Mart sells guns. As someone who freely believes in the right to bear arms, I think having a place to purchase guns is a good thing.

RifleBut you’ve got to wonder about the smarts of locating a ready source of guns (from the Wal-Mart) less than a mile from Mount Orab High School, Middle School, and Elementary School.

If the village council can’t see the problem there, then what other issues in the rush to say yes to Wal-Mart might they have missed?

You’ve just got to wonder…


5 thoughts on “You’ve Got to Wonder About the Smarts…

  1. Quit bashing the Second Amendment, and Wal-Mart, and hiding behind the skirt of a school to do so. Geeze, I guess the suburban liberals really are taking over the County!

  2. Mak,

    Who is bashing the 2nd Amendment? I fully believe the 2nd Amendment is one of the few things that keeps this country free. My father was a lifetime member of the NRA and I fully support the NRA, too. In my younger days, I was a champion marksman as a Boy Scout. I’ve actively taught riflery and gun skills, also.

    So your presumption here is remarkable.

    Would you like a ready source of guns only a few hundred feet from your children’s schools?

    This is not a diatribe against gun stores, but against the lack of sense that places them across the road from three large schools. It doesn’t take much for an unstable person to pick up a gun, see the schoolgrounds next door, and get a very bad idea. Locating Wal-Mart far enough away from the schools to prevent this would seem like common sense to me. But expediency is what is prevailing in this store siting, not common sense.

    As for my politics and beliefs, I’m a hardcore conservative and born-again Christian, so again, your presumption is showing.

  3. For one thing, not all Wal-Mart stores sell guns. It is up Wal-Mart as to which stores sell guns, and back in 2006 they dropped selling guns in about a third of their stores. They base it on the market. I would think that Mt. Orab would be a great market since Brown County is known for having many hunting enthusiasts and sportsmen.
    But, if you want to throw out this “red herring,” and it works, you can revel in and celebrate the decision just as the following advocates of Draconian gun control did when Wal-Mart announced the decision to scale back the number of stores in which it sells guns…..

    “Wal-Mart’s critics and gun control advocates welcomed the move.

    ‘This a good first step,” said Paul Blank, director of the union-funded group, which contends there is a growing public safety concern about violence and crime at Wal-Mart stores.

    The Violence Policy Center, a gun control group, said Wal-Mart’s decision reflected what it called a decline in gun ownership. “The marketplace has spoken and the losers are America’s gun industry and the gun lobby,” VPC Executive Director Josh Sugarmann said in a statement.”

  4. If your example is to be seriously considered (which it should not be), then it must be argued that all guns should be banned from being sold at any place. If the person in your example is that mentally unbalanced, then it is doubtful that the proximity of a school has any bearing on whether or not he or she wants to follow through with the “bad idea.”

    Why does the school even factor into your fear mongering scenario? I am more worried about some crazy person being handed a loaded gun, seeing a Wal-Mart full of shoppers, and deciding it is time to drop the population of Brown County’s Wal-Mart shoppers and employees by a dozen or two.

    If someone wants to hurt that school, then they will do it. I know that when Marshall tried going through with his bad idea in 1999 at Western Brown High School, Wal-Mart did not play a role. He had access to weapons at an easier source: his home.

  5. Mr. G&W,

    Schools are lightning rods for this sort of problem and for troubled people who use weapons to invoke terror. Since Columbine, fewer people see school grounds as sacred.

    That someone can walk right out the front door of this new WalMart and see the schools across the way is a bad idea, a complete lack of forethought on the part of town planners.

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