Welcome to “No Mount Orab Wal-Mart!”

This site exists to help the people of Brown County, Ohio, discover a better future—one without Wal-Mart.

In the days ahead, we’ll discuss why Wal-Mart is bad for our community, the kind of information that people don’t hear amid all the rah-rah language often spoken by small-town leaders. Too often, those leaders only see the initial dollar signs but have no understanding of the long-term devastating effects that a new Wal-Mart brings to their community, state, nation, and world.

In October of 2007, the Village of Mount Orab announced a tentative agreement with Wal-Mart to build a SuperCenter located at the intersection of Route 32 and Brooks-Malott Rd. Store construction is slated for 2010 with a planned opening in spring/summer of 2011.

In choosing this build site, little consideration was given to the fact that the three public schools in Mount Orab would stand just a mile away from a ready source of firearms. This is just one of numerous vital issues left unconsidered by the proponents of the new Wal-Mart. Dozens more remain. In the days ahead, this site will explore other reasons why a new Wal-Mart is bad for Mount Orab, bad for Brown County, and bad for our state, nation and world. We’ll also discuss alternatives to Wal-Mart, viable ideas for bringing 21st century growth to our area. Growth that keeps money in our area. Growth that gives our children a reason to build a life here and work locally. Growth that provides hope and a future, not low wages and a dead-end existence.

Thank you for reading and for your support as concerned citizens work to find a better future for our community, one free of the broken promises of Wal-Mart.



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